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Passionate About Inspiring You

...with us you will find well organized and according the wind conditions planed time scheduling. Every individual student will be coached professional!

We always will be there for you

even if it has nothing to do with kiting ! 

- you need a tip for a restaurant,

- you would like to find another accommodation,

- you want to join us for a drink at a bump fire



  • Well-trained and long years experienced instructors will coach you to your safe success in kitesurfing

  • Exclusivity and small group sizes of not more than 2 students is ideal to learn kitesurfing

  • Learn to kite in a very private and family atmosphere

  • No-Stress Kiting - take your time - everyone learns in a different speeds and that is what we respect. You should feel comfortable and have fun - and you will!     

  • Our instruction is not superficial, but we make sure that you internalized what you learned   

  • Depending on your level we will always teach you on the right wind and tide conditions

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