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  • Flat knee deep water, waves, lagoons - according the tides on Zanzibar we have a big variety of different spot conditions

  • Outside at about 2 km you will find the reef which divides the lagoon to the Indian Ocean - you will find perfect wave conditions

  • There are 2 Wind seasons on Zanzibar by the influences of the southwest monsoon "Kuzi" and the northeast monsoon "Kazkazi".  

  • The end of May to mid-October of Kuzi wind blowing from the southeast - side shore from the right 

  • From December to March, the Kazkazi from the northeast - side-onshore from the left     

  • The wind was blowing between 11 to 30 knots – so if you bring your own kite gear you should have all kite sizes, also for light wind days 

  • Stable wind, crystal clear water, a sandy seabed and endless palm beaches - the east coast of Zanzibar offers one of the most beautiful and best kite conditions in the world.

  • There are isolated along the coast anchored boats of fishermen and seaweed farms of local women. Just as the locals respect and tolerate us, we should also respect these boats and farms and not ride to close to them.

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